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Auto Bio allows you to create an IRS conforming Mileage Log in a fraction of the time traditional methods with just a Tap of your iPad. Analyze your monthly fuel expenses with Auto Bios Fuel Expense Trending chart.

* Charts to allow one to quickly visualize their expense and travel trends.
* Pre-loaded with Make of Automobiles to assist in quickly adding your assets.
* Email Trip Ticket and Fuel Expenses
* And Export Trip Ticket and Fuel Expenses to Excel.
* Flawless application with no slow network connections.
* Database will maintain all of your automobiles bio.
* Chart to analyze fuel expense trend
* Database will hold unlimited number of automobiles and activities.
* Quickly and easily calculates MPG, expenses, and mileage.

Why keep a Mileage Log?
* The IRS is cracking down and hiring thousands of new auditors!
* More Free Time
* Peace of Mind
* Increased Tax Savings